'I always enjoy working with the Emma Beckett PR team as they will always invariably 1. bring a wonderful new designer to my attention or 2. are so efficient in handling our requests that it's a pleasure to work on a feature with them at any given point. In an age where PR agencies have to be so much more, they are always open to new ideas and approaches to supporting their clients with media partners and I can't recommend them highly enough.'

Caroline Issa
Founder of Tank

'Whenever I have worked with Emma Beckett and her team, I have always been struck by their professionalism. They understand the needs and challenges of the jewellery industry, which they always tackle with integrity and style.'

Joanna Hardy
Journalist, Author,
Jewellery Historian

'Simply the best.'

Melanie Grant
Luxury Editor at 1843 magazine, The Economist / Author


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