Just as there are hundreds of stylists and editors, there are many choices for PR firms. I have been lucky enough to work with the best of the best, from the beginning of a project to the middle to the end. I can say with conviction it is a joy to work with Emma Beckett and her team.

'They go out of their way to introduce me to brands and to provide samples with precision.'
Elizabeth Saltzman
Stylist and Contributing Editor
Vanity Fair

“I’ve worked with Emma Beckett PR since
it launched in 2009 and prior to that with Emma Beckett herself for several years.
As an agency they have an innate understanding of individual publications - and so are excellent at pitching ideas that slot easily into particular editorial. They are proactive in presenting ideas and react quickly and effectively to requests for access to senior level management, thereby helping me to tell the most engaging brand stories possible.”

“As an agency they have an innate understanding of individual publications”
Jessica Diamond
Watch & Jewellery Director
Sunday Times Style & Times LUXX Watch &
Jewellery Editor-at- Large, Condé Nast Traveller

‘Emma and the team are great collaborators – proactive, thoughtful and efficient. Simplest way I can put it is that they make my job easier.'

"Cherry on the cake is they’re always fun to work with!"
Robin Swithinbank
Luxury Writer

'Emma Beckett has always had the vision to want to move things forward, to be respectful of heritage and tradition but to essentially anticipate and embrace new ways of looking at brands and content'

Catherine Russell
CMO The Perfect Magazine
Former Publisher of LOVE